All Hallows’ Eve Volume 1 (Originally ran on 10/14/2015)

Review: October has arrived and that means all manner of spooktacularness that all leads up to the night of Halloween! (cue creepy laughing) And I figured I would get in to the spirit of things by taking on the first volume of All Hallows’ Eve! Which as you guys may recall my covering the first and second issues of this title and now I get to pretty much cover the whole thing! Now in issue 2 we witnessed an ‘All Hallowe5623335_origd Love’ affair between two teenagers and the rather unpleasant result at the end of it which drives home the point of how you shouldn’t get so gosh darn obsessed about boys and love and all that. Though again, that’s just my view of that part of the story so I may be pretty wrong. Now the events of 1914 in Iowa on Halloween are probably the most shocking for me due to what the Devil manages to get a fella named Henry to do.

Granted the guy’s already a piece of scum but D. has pretty much likely made the guy move quicker then what he originally would have. And I’m sure he’ll have a most horrifying time where he’s going after all this and I doubt it’ll be boring even if it is repetitive.

Now what’s probably my most favorite part of this volume is during Ireland in 200 B.C.. As its when we actually see the character of Jack who first appeared in the first part of this story. I actually like what he winds up doing in his origin story and that’s likely probably a little disturbing. But hey, those two deserved what happened to them as its pretty much karma coming back to bite them in the butts. Considering how long it was for Jack in the first story (1785 Virginia) of this volume, one can certainly imagine how tired he may have been of doing the task D. put him on since 200 B.C..

Chicago, Illinois 1919 features idiotic boys, the sister of one of the boys, her much older soon to be husband who’s not above a little blackmail to get what he wants from her, D. being D., and some grave digger who I’m not entirely sure is a grave digger. Which with him, this was the only part of this entire story that Ty brings us that confuses me due to the little fun time the grave digger and D. have together. Hell you think there would be consequences for him in all this and maybe there is later on that we just aren’t witness too. Which is probably a good thing since it would probably cause nightmares and years of therapy.

Anoka, Minnesota in 1951 features a doctor and a scene that’s a bit on the shocking side of things that was much like what ol’ Henry did during his time. Only not as many people and it makes me want to weep since its a ginger (and I loves me a Redhead) he gets all operational and creepy with. This is a really good example of why you shouldn’t go to some guy’s house you just met. You never know if he’s really safe or not. Course it works in reverse too so there’s that for you.

I have to say that Ty really captures the Devil really well in this story, as not only does he manipulate certain events so well, but he does it in ways those involved never know about it until its too late. Jack being one of those as we clearly see D. doing what he can to screw with his head during the early 70’s in North Dakota. Only its not exactly clear at first until you’ve read a bit more into the final parts of this volume and then you’re going back and re-reading the last conversation D. and Jack have.

I love that the art and colors are consistent all through out this volume from start to finish and if there’s more, I certainly hope Ty has the same creative team with him on it all! It’ll be especially interesting to see the new chosen dupe D. got a hold of and I bet if Jack could, he would have had a word with him! So as you continue to enjoy the days leading up to Halloween night itself, why not grab your gadgets that let you read such fine digital goods like this and sit back and enjoy the deaths and manipulations! Well, unless that sort of thing bothers you then this might not be for you.

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All Hallows’ Eve Volume 1

215 Ink
Written by: Ty Thomas Luckman
Illustrated by: Dave Mims
Adapted by: Trevor Luckman
Letters by: Micah Myers
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: On Halloween night, Satan and his demonic marauders gather souls for an eternity of blackness. On All Hallows’ Eve we follow six horrific fables through the centuries as the damned collect the living for hell.