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Illegal Alien #1

I had the opportunity recently to check out Paul Axel’s latest offering of Illegal Alien, you may also remember him from Rotten Roots or even Alterna’s IF Anthology or Bad Kids Press’ Fractured Continuum. Now Illegal Alien isn’t about some folks from across the border trying to get across it in an illegal manner, or […]

Rotten Roots #3

I’m actually quite the fan of this series and it’s a shame it doesn’t come out more regularly but thems the pitfalls of self publishing. Even so it’s easy to pick up the latest issue and find yourself right back in the thick of it. Its nice that you can instantly remember everything that has […]

Hourly Roots

Let’s play catch up shower, Harold Wood, industrialist and beloved icon of Osprey City, Massachusetts is dead.The detective assigned to the case, Mark Robles, is a fresh transfer from Chicago. A journal and several clues have been found which lead Robles to believe that this is a vendetta against the family stemming back four hundred […]