The Vicious Vixens Of Dakuwanga #1

[Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!]

Vicious Vixens is a spin-off of the Shark of War series also by Ben Lacy, immediately establishing itself as set in the same world within its first few pages. However, you do not need to have read anything prior in order to understand the events of this story as everything is pretty self-contained. The story of these women begins here and that is something to I found to be a plus for this book even after having read Shark of War as well (which, I will say, is another cool comic book I recommend).

In issue one you get to meet all the women and begin to build connections with them, getting a sense of each of their personalities and the different skills they bring to the group. There’s a really good mystery that hooked me into the story by the end and left me wanting to read more and see where it all leads. I also appreciated the various diversity of the characters in their backgrounds and how they seem to compliment one another quite nicely with their differences and similarities on full display.

The action is kinetic and fast-paced, but never dull with a lot of wonderful looking panels of these characters just being really kickass and taking names. Nico Toran does a wonderful job at never allowing the story to feel stilted or uneven in the flow of the narrative and every panel feels like it counts to tell this whole adventure. I also really like their style in general, they’re able to really bring to life Eduardo Guzman’s character designs and given the women – those that require it – a sex appeal that’s nice to look at as well as bring a believability to the skills they showcase throughout the book.

Nikki Powers lettering too was snappy and flowed really well throughout, I never lost track of where I was in the story. Each character really felt like they had their own voice thanks to a blend of Lacy’s writing and Power’s lettering.

I find myself really impressed with the first issue of The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga, so far I think my favorite character is probably Big Sis, but Knives and Blondie are close seconds. I genuinely want to continue following the adventures of these women as they take on The Coastal Cartel and see how their lives intersect with that of “Dakuwanga.”

This is a good book. I recommend it.

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Writer: Ben Lacy
Artist: Nico Toran
Letterer: Nikki Powers
Character Design: Eduardo Guzman
Publisher: Biting Comics

Reviewer: Derrick Crow

Synopsis: After a human trafficking attempt turns deadly a group of young women find themselves stranded at sea with nowhere to turn. Their only source of hope being the few sightings they receive of the fabled “Dakuwanga” who has been acting as their savior. However, as the tide begins to turn in their favor the group of women find they’re incredibly resourceful and set out on a journey together that will pit them against the evils of humanity.