Displaced #1

So this is a little story where the classic ‘getting to fulfill your ultimate dream of a great journey happens’ tale. Only, with this, it really ends up happening in a completely different and (probably very unwanted) way for young teen Eliza. Whose day typically seems to start out like any other day in her household, though there’s a hint of parental problems that seems to be happening. Which is never a fun thing to deal with and little Jon is probably right to be worried. And I like that while Eliza is obviously a rather cute girl, Jeferson Sadzinski isn’t pushing that aspect into Super!Sexy territory. His art (and I assume his colors work as well) is something I found pleasing through out the story and hopefully Kevin Hamilton keeps him on board for however long this story goes for. I’m also loving that Kevin didn’t turn Eliza into a typical teen girl who’d rather avoid her little brother while in high school.

And personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her’s and little Jon’s relationship. Though with how the first issue ends… Its anyone’s guess if that’ll even happen now. And I can safely I wasn’t expecting certain events to happen either and I can only imagine how that’s gonna eat at Eliza as time goes on. Kevin nicely ensures he has our attention by leaving us with a mystery with a question or two attached to it by the end of this issue. Such as who the mystery armored folks are, why they seem interested in Eliza, the obvious bad guy, and some mystery item the bad guy’s after to the point he doesn’t care who he hurts so long as he gets it. And I imagine that’s definitely gonna make Eliza one motivated big sister to kick his ass when she finally gets the chance to do so! This was a nice (if saddening) set up that is a perfect example of being careful what you wish for when it comes to wanting to escape your current reality for a bit.

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Displaced #1
Creator and Writer: Kevin Hamilton
Illustrator: Jeferson Sadzinski
Letterer: Toben Racicot
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A 16 year-old girl’s life is changed forever when a mysterious woman enters her life and rips her away from her family, home, and time.