A 2019 Debut For Category Zero!



A man-made virus infects the entire population of Earth but only a rare few possess the gene needed for it to become active. The incredible and amazing abilities the virus grants these people makes them a threat to the public’s safety. The decision is made to round them up and put them into isolation facilities. It’s only then that the world realizes how big a threat these people really are.

Category Zero was created and is written by Adem Kiamil with artwork by Ton Lima, and colors by Derek Dow

Scout President James Haick:

Category Zero is a very intriguing concept that will have people questioning which side they should be rooting for. This is an ambitious mirroring of issues within our own society and an amazingly fresh take on ‘superpowers.'”

Creator Adem Kiamil:

“Category Zero is written as an open-ended series but with plans for a clear beginning, middle and end. The target audience is those who grew up reading comics like X-Men and Harbinger, but whose tastes have moved away from the traditional superhero genre. Category Zero is more about the political struggle between those who have been affected and those who have not. Each character their own reasons for doing what they do. The book raises questions about how society might really treat people that develop these sort of abilities, and how the public might react to them. What would we do if we found ourselves in the one percent of people who had those powers? It brings into question our own morality, why we let fear and prejudice guide our actions and how those with power often abuse it. The real question here is… if this kind of power was real, which side would you take?”

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