In March Comes Tinseltown!

Tinseltown (pre-order code JAN181155) is a period crime drama about one of the first female cops in Hollywood that’s been called “L.A. Confidential meets Boardwalk Empire.

In 1915, Abigail Moore became one of the first female police officers in Hollywood. But beneath the glamorous surface of Tinseltown beats a rotten heart full of corruption, greed, and lies, and Abigail’s about to dive head-first into all of it.

Here’s what some top comics creators are saying about Tinseltown: “Very Impressive. I enjoyed it immensely.”-
Rick Geary, writer/artist of A Treasury of Victorian Murder

“Tinseltown is a smart, engaging and exciting book, full of rich characters.”-
Michael Tanner, writer of Junior Braves of the Apocalypse-Oni Press

A five issue bimonthly mini-series published by the Alterna Newsprint Line in color for only $1.50 an issue.
Written by: David Lucarelli Art by: Henry Ponciano, (The creative team that brought you The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade)
Lettering by: HdE

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(preorder code JAN181155)

Watch the Tinseltown Teaser Trailer here:

Tinseltown hits comic shops everywhere March 28th, 2018!