Drop Dead Dangerous #1 – (Originally Ran On 10/24/2012)

This is one of those moments where I am going to feel ashamed of myself for a bit. Mostly since because I was sent this a few months ago and its only around now I finally read it. Instead of me wanting to slap my momma, maybe she should slap me. Not to mention I’m very happy I was able to get this off my desktop computer. Yay for memory sticks! Handy things those are. As a book like this just shouldn’t be slept on. And I’d definitely say Chad got this book off to a great start. Now yeah, its all in black and white and the art is completely Manga inspired. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. I honestly don’t even get why some folks seem to take an issue with a comic having Manga styled art. Its a different way of doing things and I’d say it fits this perfectly. Not to mention, if you don’t ever try different things in comics. You’ll just stagnate. And now that I’m done with that little bit of preaching to the masses. Onward! I like how this is in a Western setting, as I personally don’t see that very often in comics. Although if any of you have anything you’d like to mention to me about any Western styled comics. Let me know!

As the book gets started, we’re introduced to a woman who’s sadly met her end. And in what I’m assuming is a fairly gruesome way as well that is probably intentionally left up to the imagination. Although our Killer does later strike again so we do get an idea of his ways later on. My impression of that guy is that he’s a nut job. And if you have yet to read this, and when you do read this book. You’ll see what I mean. Matter of fact, I imagine he and a certain nut job from the Brimstone comic Hound Comics does would get along swimmingly well unless they just wanted to outright kill one another. I can only imagine how bloody that would get! I do find myself curious on what got Jack to become a detective, and I can only imagine its got something to do with the Killer. Who’s also done something to the poor man’s wife at one point. One can only hope she’ll fully recover someday soon. Chad Cabrera’s writing is very likely to keep your eyes on the pages of this comic from start to finish. I know it was certainly that way with me. As I was eager to always see what was going on next. Even if parts were a bit gruesome. Not to mention Mike Banting’s Manga styled art was simply great all through out the book. Definitely will want to find more of his work in comics when I am able to get the chance!

The cover actually had me thinking of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. As Alice just reminds me a lot of Buffy. All ready to kick some butt and looking kind of stylish. Not to mention it seems she’s quickly thrown into her first case on her first day of the job. Got to say, got to love how life works out like that. While she was getting an explanation about Raven the Killer from Jack, I found myself wondering one thing. How can a Sadistic Ritual be Romantic? Makes no sense to me, but then again that might be the point Cabrera may be going with here. Maybe I should ask those guys on Criminal Minds? Their good at figuring out that sort of thing. Hey Jack, there’s an idea for you buddy! Find a way to get a hold of them! And gee… Alice later on sure did run into an absolute moron! Of course a school’s for thinking like that! Get a brain dude! Oh wait.. That just might be a little too late now. At least that’s one less bit of stupidity in the world. I imagine Alice is going to need A LOT of therapy after that. I find myself rather curious on what exactly is going on with her after what happens to the moron. Is she dreaming or actually waking up to that mess? Either way, that too is going to make her need some therapy. I know I’m looking forward to finding out more about Alice. As it seems from what’s been hinted, that she has a fairly interesting past. I will admit though that I did kind of think the weapon was a bit ridiculous looking. But I imagine if I was to get a taste of it in person. I might not be thinking that way.

I love how the girl we met at the beginning of this book isn’t some weak damsel in distress. Not to mention the sass she shows in the final part of her prayer. Valhalla and the Valkyries would be proud! Again, I have to say that Chad Cabrera certainly did a great job on the writing duties with this book. As he will leave you with questions by the end of this issue. Which is perfect, especially if you are really wanting to read more. I know I am! The Raven has struck, and as he mentioned. Never make a deal you know you aren’t ready to make. I know I wouldn’t want to make one with him! Something tells me I wouldn’t survive the experience. So if you’re looking to read a good mystery with a dash of violence and death. Drop Dead Dangerous is a great start to that! So go out and get familiar with our fair heroes Jack and Alice as they begin the quest to ‘Quote the Raven nevermore.’
5 out of 5 Stars.

To grab yourself a copy of Drop Dead Dangerous #1, head on over to the website! Its a mystery thriller for sure!

Drop Dead Dangerous #1
Happy Lockjaw
Written by: Chad Cabrera
Art by: Mike Banting
Reviewer: Robert McClelland

Summary: They thought it was over. They were wrong. Back on the hunt for the maniacal figure known as The Raven, private detective Jack Smith must face a nightmare from his past— but not all is as it seems. A new evil comes to town as he and his dumbstruck partner Alice, a young woman with secrets of her own, get tangled in a web of deception without realizing that the most dangerous truths are the ones they keep from each other. Meanwhile, The Raven paints the town red as the clock starts ticking for a final showdown in this debut issue of DROP DEAD DEAD DANGEROUS.