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302549._SX640_QL80_TTD_Welcome to the life of one Harry Vild, a former international bad ass assassin now working as a private detective. Which is one heck of a step down from a high life like that! But hey, if it makes ya happy, then it makes ya happy and that’s all that matters! Before becoming a P.I., our good Harry got effectively stabbed in the back, proving that a pretty face can’t always be trusted. The thing is though, I have to wonder how long it took for him to recover from what happened to him. As you’d figure something like that kind of wound would take a really long time to heal from, if you manage to even stay alive that is. Not to mention the potential effects it could have from it. Even with the four year time span one would think there would still be issues from that. But I could always be wrong. One of the main things that immediately stands out right from the get go with the cover is the art.

It all looks like it was done in a paint style compared to how you would normally see art in most comics. Does it detract from the story? No, it doesn’t but it certainly is an odd choice to go with but none the less it does provide the title more of its own unique look. I like how there’s also a certain mix of colors in this that Jon Cowen primarily uses as well. Making it so that you know its there, but its not exploding right into your face.

I’m curious about one thing though, and if its whether or not Jon is a Total Recall fan as there’s a moment in this that feels like its a nod to that film. Its a genius move the character does though and I imagine Vild before long is gonna regret it big time for meeting that character. Especially given their past history. And cults, gotta love cults! Especially when they are the type to go after you in full body suits and guns! Curious to learn more about them, especially where the Faceless name is concerned. They are another reason Vild is likely gonna regret meeting his latest client. Poor guy! I suspect though that Vild will be charging Faceless for the damages to his car at some point! Cause come on now, you just don’t do that!

I’m interested to see where Jon takes this story and hopefully you’ll all be along for the ride as well!

Vild #1

Created by: Jon Cowen
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Harry Vild is a retired international assassin working as a private detective. Tricked into meeting up with Maari Matthews, someone from his past he would rather forget, he is dragged into a battle with a high tech cult called Faceless.

Moon Streak #2Moonstreak-Cover-2-e1447703569436

Guardian Knight Comics 2015
Created by Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente
Written by Austin Rogers & Wes Hartman
Illustrated by Harvey Tolibao
Lettered by Joshua Cozine
Coloured by Kevin Tolibao, Gabriel Santos & Kevin Anthony De Castro

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

Summary: Catastrophe looms as Veronica and her new friend are hunted through the streets by a “fixer” from Infinite Industries who has been charged with subduing the escaped Subject 74 by any means necessary. Will V and Mr. Collins hold out against this terrible new foe or will Subject 74 be left in the cold?

I’m totally digging this book! We open with the rat/human hybrid going back to it’s creator who happens to be this sick, twisted female scientist and she’s uber creepy. I mean she basically french kisses the thing to make it feel better. It’s disturbing on so many levels and yet infinitely fascinating at the same time.

Actually I’m really very impressed with the writing here. The way the story flows is fantastic and with Harvey’s interiors this is some of the brightest new work to come out lately. I mean we go from creepy as all get out to some great old fashioned police/war kind of action seamlessly. Veronica has taken the dude in the suit to a doctor and as that plays out you begin to see that she’s really in way over her head here. Though to be honest the way the suit works on him is remarkable, not only does it apparently give him enhanced strength and all that jazz but remarkable healing ability as well.

When the Doc wants to know what the men in armour were wearing and recognizes them things quickly take another turn. Now all of this really has me intrigued as to what these guys are a part of. Sure things at the scene that Veronica left are a mess and Gale wants a squad to go chasing the armour dude but it’s really the Doc’s reaction to these guys that gets me excited. It’s this incredibly good, tight writing that leads Gale and his new team to the Doc’s and more secrets are revealed but not enough.

Dr. Collins knows Ron Gale and this whole thing that goes down between them just screams out for more attention but we’ll never get the answers from either regarding their history now. As things play out and Gale confronts Veronica the dude in the suit comes to and suddenly there’s a great fighting action sequence unfolding for us. I like that Veronica thinks she’s got some modicum of control over these events even though it’s abundantly clear she doesn’t but that kind of illusion is important for someone desperate to elevate their station in life.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 at 7.20.32 PMHarvey really is doing some of the best work of his career here. Alongside the colourists they really make this series come alive in such dynamic ways. The attention to detail, page layouts and the vibrant colours all conspire to really grab the reader’s interest and keep it glued to the pages.

Aside from the whole action/adventure thing going on it’s really the last page that leaves you with the most WTF moment. Suddenly nothing is what it seems and there’s a whole new slew of questions that need answering. I had thought that this was some kind of hybrid world after a major apocalyptic event and in a sense I was right just not in the way I was imagining it. That alone impresses me since what I’ve thought is wrong and if they can keep that up then i’ll forgo the speculation and let the surprises continue to roll.

I love small/indie press and this really is a shining example of what creators can do when left to their own devices.

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