Power UP #3 (Originally ran on 10/27/2015)


Review: Three issues in and still going strong. While not moving as quickly with the villain storyline as I assumed it would, Kate and Matt take the smarter route to deal with everyone actually getting to know each other and deal with how their lives have really changed. And their lives are changing quickly.

A lot actually does happen this issue, from an important discussion about how each one of them got their powers to our first real look at what’s kind of going on. With a villain showing up that can turn into a Hippogriff spouting on about each of them sharing stolen magic.

I’m definitely intrigued. And I’m super excited to see how things play out from here.

As I stated, their lives are changing rather quickly. Amie’s fired from her job after her boss simply can’t take evil doers popping into her shop, and Sandy is about to have a serious discussion with her husband after their superheroing exploits were filmed and broadcast on live TV.

I really hope everything works out for her.

The best thing about this comic is how genuinely real everything feels. From Sandy’s minivan to our heroes sipping cups of milk while in her living room while discussing their big changes. While very fantastical, things still feel very down to Earth. And that makes me wonder just how out of this world is this story going to get by the end. We only have 3 more issues to find out…
Final Score: 4 Newborn Heroes out of 5

Power UP #3 (of 6)

Boom! Box
​Written by Kate Leth
Illustrated by Matt Cummings
Reviewed by Derrick Crow

Summary: Amie Bloom is a 23 year old store clerk at a pet shop working under a stressful boss and simply going through life. She seems to have a good outlook on it though, and takes everything by the flow. Until one day she gets struck by a mysterious light along with one of the goldfish in her shop. After that, things became much more complicated…