Touching Evil #1

On9ee8f5_f604d5d534214d3c8464170ddb28308be of the great things about social media and the internet is that you can wind up learning about all sorts of things that’s out there. Comic books being one example of this. Whether its a title from years ago that you likely never would have heard of if it wasn’t for the internet or something in recent times and you’re left wondering why you didn’t know about this or that comic much sooner. Coming across like minded people with interests you share such as Independent comic books is another sweet aspect of the internet and social media. Crystal O’Rourke aka the Indie Huntress is one such individual with a passion for the Indie scene that I honestly love. And if it wasn’t for her I likely wouldn’t even know about Dan Dougherty’s Touching Evil title. And while I wasn’t outright ‘fireworks exploding in my head amazed’ by what I read in this first issue, I did none the less like what I read as it was pretty good.

Hell I’d watch a Tales From The Crypt movie version of this if given the chance as it seems like it would be a perfect fit for that kind of format. We got lawyers, teens with some attitude, jerky ass wardens, a ‘Ghost Cell’, and a guy who can pretty much suck your evil ass soul into him where you are pretty much stuck for life inside of said ‘Ghost Cell’. The fact that Ada (our leading lady and lawyer) is a redhead pleases the redhead lover inside me. One of the things I’m curious about is around the beginning when Ada’s client gets in the free and clear and there’s some talk involving the old man’s son. Was he the actual bad guy instead of the old man and that’s why there seemed to be some dislike towards him? Something I’m real curious about and maybe it’ll get explored later in this title. “But Rob, that’s probably not even all that important in the long run!” You exclaim with flailing arms.

Sure it is, most writers don’t just throw things like that in for no real reason a majority of the time. Though I could always be wrong so there’s that. Now something that happens later in this first issue has me wondering (after just now thinking about it) if Ada’s boss KNEW it would happen and sent her to deliver the news to good ol’ Marvin about his sister so that he could avoid that particular moment. The fact it has Divine or not so Divine origins when Ada is told of it interests me and in a way it does remind me of the Demon Knight film from back in 95. Which makes me wonder if maybe Dan took inspiration from that with this. Either way, the concept is cool even if it can land one in some hot water as we soon see afterwards with the oh so nice but utterly dreadful cliffhanger Dan leaves us with.

The coloring, the art, and the story itself is all something I have no complaints with. I like that Dan used a more faded approach when Marvin starts telling the origin behind his gift in the lettering as most likely wouldn’t do that. I am definitely going to try and grab up a copy of the graphic novel Dan currently has being Kickstarted as I want to see where he takes this story of his. And it being at 240 pages is something you know is gonna have you wanting to keep your eyes glued on it from start to finish and probably on the edge of your seat by the end of it. Give this a try folks, I think you’ll definitely like it if you’re looking for something without capes and if possible, donate to the Kickstarter too!

Editor’s Note: Currently, the Touching Evil Kickstarter has 6 days left to go so head on over and donate today! And if you’re looking for single issues, head to the Beardo Comics website for all your single issue loving needs!

Touching Evil #1

Beardo Comics
Story, Pencils, and Letters: Dan Dougherty
Inks: Wesley Wong and Dan Dougherty
Colors: Wesley Wong
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Meet Ada Mansfield: single mom, criminal lawyer, and the newest bearer of an ancient curse: she can kill anyone she touches…if they’re evil. See why Touching Evil is the Shel Dorf award winner for Self-Published comic of the year in this first issue of an ongoing series.

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