Rotten Roots #3

Screenshot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.20 AM

I’m actually quite the fan of this series and it’s a shame it doesn’t come out more regularly but thems the pitfalls of self publishing. Even so it’s easy to pick up the latest issue and find yourself right back in the thick of it. Its nice that you can instantly remember everything that has […]

Taco El Gato #1


And a very fine ole! To ol’ Taco El Gato and his creator Candy Briones! Gotta say I’m liking what Candy’s done here with this little world of her’s. In a town that has cats and dogs living in it you think they all woulda learned to get along pretty well by now! But not […]

Public Relations #2


Well I may be a little behind when it comes to this series but that’s okay better late than never right. Thankfully the fine folks at Devil’s Due/1First Comics have given me the run to review so I can share how delightfully unpredictably wacky this book is! I mean that in the most fun flattering […]

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