Spencer and Locke #3

There’s not much that hasn’t been said about Spencer & Locke at this point. Simply put, it’s the best series out right now. I can’t think of any other recent comic of the last few years, that has hit all the highlights, both major and minor, of what makes a comic truly good. It has […]

The Edge #7 Preview for June 27th!

The Edge crew from Scattered Comics are very excited to share with all of you this preview of their latest upcoming release! The Edge Issue 7 (Reign of Chaos part 3) Release Date: 6/27/17 Scattered Comics (W) Marvin Wynn (A/CA) Mark V (C) Steven Lisefski/Luis Antonio Delgado (L) Jamyes Reed Chaos and the Reign attack […]

Kid Sherlock #1

There are things in this world that make it a better place just because it exists and this my friends is one of them! While it screams shades of Mr. Peabody & Sherman in many respects this youthful imagining of the iconic pair is up there for me as one of the greatest incarnations I’ve […]

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