Double Edition


We all know how I feel about small press books and it seems lately more and more are popping up with really good, strong, interesting and well done books. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds and the quality of this book, and this company, cannot be ignored. I love the premise and the way […]

Death-Rattler #2


If reading this digitally (first issue that is) was an experience, reading the second issue in print today was definitely even more of an experience. A damn greatly enjoyable experience for that matter! I love that the entire creative team on this book is essentially an international one, showing that comics truly can bring people […]

3 Floyds: Alpha King #1


Not many comics out there has me sitting back and having a complete and total ‘WTF!?’ moment after reading it. But this first issue of Alpha King from Image Comics and written by Brian Azzarello and Nick Floyd has certainly managed to accomplish that! We first get a bit of the future with the Alpha King […]

Mind Meld with Xing Xin!

Xing himself!

For some when it comes to making comics and getting them out there for us readers to check out, its easy. For others? Its a bit more difficult. Sometimes facing quite a few rejections before finally getting that one big break through. For Xing Xin, founder of Broken Hearts Productions: Somnia Eorum, that journey to […]

A Monday Triple!


This issue was even better than the first, which of course is the way a series should be but we all know that sometimes that doesn’t necessarily happen. Still forget the Creature Commandos or the Howling Commandos because this is where it’s at folks. This is hands down better than either version you’ve thought of […]

Hardcore Akan #1

Hardcore Akan - SXSW PG1

If you’ve been to the movies lately chances are you’ve seen a preview for a film Hardcore Henry. It’s shot like a first shooter game so you are seeing the entire movie through his eyes and his face is yours as he goes through every sequence of the movie. This book is a prequel to […]

C.L.A.W.S. #1


When Bras Olivia was 10 years old he was travelling with his family on a ship. They were transporting an endangered White Tiger back to the Bronx Zoo, when the ship they were travelling on capsized. Bras the only survivor, swam to a nearby island. The island isn’t on any maps and is inhabited by […]

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