Hardcore Akan #1

Hardcore Akan - SXSW PG1

If you’ve been to the movies lately chances are you’ve seen a preview for a film Hardcore Henry. It’s shot like a first shooter game so you are seeing the entire movie through his eyes and his face is yours as he goes through every sequence of the movie. This book is a prequel to […]

C.L.A.W.S. #1


When Bras Olivia was 10 years old he was travelling with his family on a ship. They were transporting an endangered White Tiger back to the Bronx Zoo, when the ship they were travelling on capsized. Bras the only survivor, swam to a nearby island. The island isn’t on any maps and is inhabited by […]

Grizzly Shark #1


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this. I like to read and review number ones as a general rule and sometimes they are okay sometimes eh and then they something you’d never thought you ever see, this is that last instance. Now Ryan’s work is beloved by any Invincible fan for those […]



ARH ComiX proudly presents 3 amazing titles, marking adventure and fantasy with stunning art, visuals and designs. ARH ComiX proudly presents 3 amazing titles, marking adventure and fantasy with stunning art, visuals and designs. Comic book miniseries with amazing statues available, making sure strong female characters get their moment of glory! ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS ARH […]

Saturday Night Double!


[SPOILERS!!] 2 issues in and I’m actually really enjoying this series. The focus is still pretty tight and it can feel like not a lot happened this issue but that’s because it was mostly set up while introducing us to our first real supporting characters: Vampy’s family. Her mom and brother specifically. This issue does […]

The Trip To C2E2!


Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo March 18th-20th ReedPOP 2016 When I go to a Convention to cover it as a member of the press I’m not there per se to use that to meet anyone or to get exclusives from the guests. I’m there to cover the convention itself and I think that sets me […]

Food For Thought


So I’m going to take a moment and talk about something that’s circulating in my head. No, its not about why Bacon is such a craze, or why math has to be so gosh darn complicated, or about my Hot Pocket obsession. No, I’m going to talk about something else. Something that is much ado about […]

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