Deluge #1

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I love getting requests from people to review their books more so when it’s from a little-known self-published company or just you know through sites like, ComiXology. One of the first things I noticed when looking at a new series from creators I’ve never heard of is the interior artwork. That usually sets the tone […]

Power UP #6 (Of 6)


[SPOILERS!!] Review: All good things come to an end. It’s a well known saying, and too true of a statement at that. For six issues we have watched as our four clueless heroes have come to terms with their powers and how these powers have effected their lives. Last issue we got major revelations as […]

Hourly Roots

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Let’s play catch up shower, Harold Wood, industrialist and beloved icon of Osprey City, Massachusetts is dead.The detective assigned to the case, Mark Robles, is a fresh transfer from Chicago. A journal and several clues have been found which lead Robles to believe that this is a vendetta against the family stemming back four hundred […]

Mind Meld with Mikel M!


1. It’s nice to talk with you, Mikel. Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What inspired you to start creating your own comics? Of course! Haha I’m from Toronto, Canada. I play sports like basketball and football. I started liking comics when I got my first one, a Spider-Man Unlimited issue from 1998. […]

Trio Thursday!


I’m always on the lookout for books from companies I’m not familiar with and with a penchant for stories geared towards things mystical, fantasy, and Dungeons & Dragons related this first issue seemed like something I would enjoy. Also I saw Matthew’s name attached and since I’ve been a fan of his work it seemed […]

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