Villain #1

I have to say I’ve been impressed with the line of books I’ve been reading from this company. There’s a real nice showcase of talent here and the story is one that I found fascinating. Not uncommon mind you but in a sense it’s got a nice slant to it and it has definitely done […]


This is a book that doesn’t exactly leave me with a lot of warm fuzzies. And that’s probably because of all the offensive language seen here. So I really wouldn’t recommend this for young readers cause of that or for the easily offended for that matter. And if you’re the type who looks down on […]

Tuesday Double!

[[SPOILERS!!]] Review: Issue #2 continues the new Action Man’s quest for vengeance as he goes off protocol during an assignment to ambush a bunch of terrorists that are holding some bystanders hostage. What I enjoy about this new Action Man is that he is flawed in the sense that he just wants to get revenge […]

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