Tuesday Double!


[[SPOILERS!!]] Review: Issue #2 continues the new Action Man’s quest for vengeance as he goes off protocol during an assignment to ambush a bunch of terrorists that are holding some bystanders hostage. What I enjoy about this new Action Man is that he is flawed in the sense that he just wants to get revenge […]

Action Man #1 (2016)


[[SPOILERS!!]] Review: Wow! That was really good. Like really, really good. Action Man was one of those toy/cartoon brands that I was aware of growing up, I had seen just a little bit of the 2000 animated series as well as I had one or two small Action Man toys, but past that I held […]

Wolfcop #1


AWWOOOOOO!!! YEAH BABY! Wolfcop is back and in action! The fact that Wolfcop is now running around bringing the Law Werewolf style in comic book form is a thing I am loving like crazy. The movie itself was a wildly fun ride and this just continues it! Heck, I wish I had read this so […]

Wrong Way #1


Sometimes being a reviewer I get to see projects that you wouldn’t normally come across. Small self-published works that leave an impact on you as a reader. This is why I always advocate visiting these artists/creators in artist alley at any convention. Martin brings us this personal story about love, loss and finding yourself again and […]

Unpopular Tales Now On Kickstarter!


Unpopular Tales I: The Lost Files. An illustrated novel After the release of his first comic, Christian Douglas has gathered a group of 12 creators – 6 writers and 6 illustrators. Together they will release an illustrated novel for adults to explore in depth the comic’s story published in 2015 After the conclusion of the […]

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