IndieComiX Magazine is a delta publication focused on the exposure and credibility of the works of its contributors; meaning, we are not out for a profit through our publication. Our contributors do not receive monetary payment for their works and depend solely on the support of ICX Magazine readers by visiting their various sites and social media accounts, purchasing their works, and by commissions. If you wish to support ICX Magazine, please do so by contacting our contributors. If you are unsure of how to do so you may contact the publisher.

Our slogan, “Where Comix & Culture Collide”, isn’t just hyperbolic. Think Heavy Metal meets Rolling Stone. Amazingly enough, today there are a number of comics creators who don’t know that Heavy Metal is not a music magazine, much less that at one time Rolling Stone featured articles that challenged the establishment as a counter-culture magazine.

We have the luxury of carrying on the tradition of the counter-culture underground comix of the baby boomers, who challenged the mainstream. In that sense, we can do what we want.

The comics mainstream has so flooded the market. As such, the works of many (underground) independent comics creators goes widely unnoticed. I speak of quality works, like the kind IndieComiX Magazine is publishing. Some of these creators have gone years without recognition or readers. As a counter-culture digital magazine we offer them (and you?) a stage from which to showcase their talents.

Not only do we publish the best unknown digital comics, but what kind of counter-culture magazine would we be if we didn’t publish thought-provoking articles on issues people either don’t know about, or won’t talk about? Not only, but we also feature short fiction, poetry, photography, and anything else creative artists produce that the mainstream is ignoring.

IndieComiX Magazine is a home for all creators.

Are you a creator? Consider making a contribution. email:

(Please note that the above email address is NOT for review requests here on the site. And is only intended for those looking to submit pieces for the Magazine. – Rob Wrecks: Owner/Runner of IndieComiX)

–David Paul, 

  Publisher, IndieComiX Magazine 

Guideline Requirements

COMICS CREATORS & VARIOUS ARTISTS: Pages measure 6×9 and need to be hi-res jpgs (300dpi). If your pages are a different dimension that’s okay. We will reformat for our purposes. Any length is good, but we really love shorts at 8,12, and 16 pages. If it’s longer than that, no worries. Just nothing at TPB or GN length (64 pages and above).

WRITERS (fiction, flash fiction, poetry): Standardized manuscript format is preferred. We like word counts at 3,000-7,000. If it is longer than that it may still be considered, but nothing over 10,000 words. If you would like us to consider serializing a novel you should include a pitch proposal. Flash fiction should be no longer than 1,000 words, and with poetry it is best to send us a sample of five poems or less. It is highly recommended that you tell us what your story is before we read it.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Send us an old fashioned portfolio of your best work/s. Links to your galleries are acceptable. The more unique the better.

JOURNALISTS: We are looking for the kinds of stories that very few people are talking about and need recognition. Please avoid stereotypical trends. Give us a reason to care. If it hurts to read the article in an emotional sense you’re guaranteed to be published.

WEIRD: We want it.

EVERYONE: Please polish your work before submitting. The whole world will be watching.