Mind Meld With Ximphonic Versus’ Xing Xin!

He’s been hard at work for many years with quite a few rejections and has been here in the Mind Meld before and with that in mind, I thought it was high time to speak with Xing Xin to see how things have gone for him since 2016!

Its Xing!

1. It has been awhile since our first interview back in 2016, how the heck are you!?

Xing: Yeah it has been a while, but It’s great to be able to chat with you again. I am doing really well, the last two years have been something out of the Twilight Zone it seems, but I’m staying safe and busy with my series.

2. If memory serves me correctly, you’re currently working on the third volume of Ximphonic Versus, how far along are you on it?

Xing: Yes I am on volume 3, and It’s really exciting to be at this point in the crowned prince story. We are witnessing him fall further into darkness and despair. And what makes volume 3 so important as well, readers will finally get to see a glimpse of the main villain and learn one of his names… you could say LOL. As for how far along, I am about halfway through in its production.

3. Sounds excellent! How long would you say it’ll be before readers can have a copy of volume 3 in their hands? I know you mentioned recently that your hands have been giving you problems and I can only imagine how much of an impact that’s causing.

Xing: The plan is to have volume 3 out to readers in 2022, the exact date will be revealed sometime early on into the new year. Right now, there is a way for readers to get a preview from volume 3, it’s available for pre-order. And when anyone does the pre-order they get the 16 page prelude as a physical copy and it will be mailed out to them. The volume 3 prelude is a bridgeway issue leading into vol. 3’s full release, and the events dramatically moves the reader forward. Along with new characters, new locations and some absolutely stunning action scenes.

And yes I am suffering some nerve damage in my drawing arm and hand, that is making my work more difficult at the moment. However I am trying to pace myself and work on the book as much as I can. And my hope is I can still release it in the time frame I have for it.

4. Just how many names does the main villain have?

Xing: Well he has his full name, which is not revealed in volume 3, but one of his official titles is revealed. Aside from his actual name he has three titles that are used to describe him and his evil desires that have no end. I can’t wait for readers to see what he looks like and the way his personality is. He really is “Beautiful Darkness” and his evil is so elegantly woven into the fabric of this story and their world.

5. You’ve also been dealing with individual(s) recently who have been ordering a lot of copies, only to cancel them. Have you been able to figure out who’s been doing this and put a stop to it if possible?

Xing: Sadly I haven’t been able to understand why or get to the bottom of this. And that is the difficult part, I do everything I can to support creators and their projects. Never treating anyone the way I have been treated, and especially not by hurting their sales. All I can do is keep focused on providing readers; whether new or old with the same quality products, customer service and thrilling adventures.

6. Has the recent issues with supplies and shipping impacted you any?

Xing: Thankfully no it hasn’t, the printer I use is not slowing down and I have more orders to place this month and next.

7. What’s your take on the recent changes Kickstarter has decided to do?

Xing: I saw that and It seems to be really dividing creators. I don’t use KS. I cut out the middleman in a manner of speaking by doing pre-orders from my website and then filling every order for my amazing supporters. I encourage all creators to not just rely on one or two methods like KS or IGG. Be creative and offer your fanbase amazing projects and rewards by being bold and daring.

8. You’ve also got a screen adaptation in the works for Ximphonic Versus, what all can you tell us about it?

Xing: Yes, the Anime series is coming worldwide from Global Genesis Group. We are just waiting to make the network announcement and then we can share all of the exciting news about the show. The Pandemic set the whole world back, and the show was in production but then it stopped because of the virus. We can’t wait to get this out for the world to see. And I went from a creator who couldn’t get a chance, 157 rejections to now being an executive producer, writer and artist in Hollywood. With multiple TV deals, an action figure line and more. So never give up on your dreams, keep fighting to make them happen.

9. Very well said! If you’re able to talk about it, how many seasons will there be for the Anime? Or will there only be just one?

A: The Anime will be 3 seasons, hopefully more than that will be possible.

10. Action figures, will that be a thing?

A: Yes, and they will be absolutely amazing. The prototypes are coming along really well. It takes 6-8 months to make each one. The first two are ready the third figure will start production in about a month.

11. Outside of Ximphonic Versus, will we see you involved in other Comics projects?

A: I’m working on my other titles as well, some I will write and be the lead creative director. And will hire another artist to draw the side stories and single issues.

12. For my final question, what are your hopes for 2022?

A: Hopefully continued health for all of us, and making some major announcements about the series. As of right now I’m not publishing Ximphonic Versus, I’m looking for a publisher and putting my efforts into the TV show’s development. And finding a publisher will allow for even greater reach and more readers from around the world.

Editor’s Note: Huge thanks to Xing for taking part in this interview!