Wonderful Dread and Occult Action In Planet Of Daemons Mixed Together Just Right!

Amigo Comics is thrilled to announce that the first collection of their acclaimed miniseries PLANET OF DAEMONS is heading to the shops in May 2019! Described by one reviewer as “like a Hammer Horror film written by Neil Gaiman”, PLANET OF DAEMONS: THE EYE OF LUCIFER is a bewitching story of occult adventure created by the British duo of writer Kevin Gunstone (FUTURE PRIMITIVE) and artist Paul Moore (THE LAST HUNT).

Set in the arcane realm of the Qliphoth and 17th century New England, Planet of Daemons follows the fortunes of Amos Deathridge, a former Puritan magistrate who now serves as jailer of the daemons and evil spirits who cast a sinister influence over mankind.

In The Eye of Lucifer, Amos arrives on the world of Sathariel pursuing a daemon of war. But in the ruins of the Palace of Lilith, he witnesses the hatching of an all-powerful Succubus Queen – a reincarnated soul who shares a puzzling connection to his past. Amos, to solve the riddle of her identity, must enter Sathariel‘s dread labyrinth and confront the truth behind the tragic events leading to his arrival in the Qliphoth years earlier…

Commenting on the Planet TPB‘s imminent release, co-creator Kevin Gunstone remarked: “I can‘t wait to see Planet in one volume as I think it’s definitely a story best read together. I was delighted with the audience reaction when the series was first published and it was a real pleasure to work with artists as talented as Paul and Stefan, who created a fantastically evocative atmosphere. We look forward to continuing Amos‘ adventures in the Qliphoth soon… I also can‘t thank Amigo Comics and El Torres enough for the patience and support he’s shown Planet – which I‘m sure I tested at times!”

Behind a stunning new cover by Hugo Petrus (WONDER WOMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) and with an introduction by DC/Milestone artist Prentis Rollins (author of the Tor Books graphic novel THE FURNACE), Planet of Daemons collects all four issues of this spectacular miniseries of mystery, intrigue, and dark sorcery; and includes process pages, sketchbook and an afterword. Written by Kevin Gunstone, art by Paul Moore, and colored by Stefan Mrkonjic (FUTURE PRIMITIVE) with lettering by Malaka Studios.

The collection ships in May 2019 and is solicited in the March edition of Previews.

Check out what the professionals and reviewers have said about Planet of Daemons:

Planet of Daemons is just the kind of comic I love to read. Paul’s beautiful, classic style is a perfect unholy marriage to Kevin’s wild story. Highly recommended!” – Matt Smith, Barbarian Lord.

“Dark Cabalistic secrets lurk behind every page of this violent, enigmatic story of an anti-hero who embraces damnation, so the world will be spared from his fate.” – Jasper Bark, writer, Bloodfellas, Parassassin and Quiet Places.

“In Planet of Daemons, Gunstone and Moore have crafted a thrilling and intriguing tale filled with both wonder and dread. A fantastic comic indeed.” – Dan Butcher. Vanguard, Awesome Comics Podcast.

“We‘re treated to great action scenes throughout the book. There‘s a great balance between story development and entertainment. I highly recommend Planet of Daemons, especially to fans of Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser series and lovers of occult demon fiction in general…This comic scared me more than Hellraiser. The art is incredible.” – Brian Barr Comic Booked

“Part The Exorcist, part Salem and part Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, Planet of Daemons is a rich, unique story” – Sergio Pereira, Fortress of Solitude


Planet of Daemons – Creator Bios
Kevin Gunstone
Kevin Gunstone is a Brighton-based comicbook writer from the UK. In the past he has written series for both Marvel and Image Comics, among others, and 2016 saw the release of his imaginative and spectacular stonepunk epic Future Primitive, published by Markosia, in collaboration with the Serbian artist Slobodan Jovanovic. Kevin is also a visiting lecturer on the Cartoon and Comics Art degree course at Staffordshire University, and when not writing likes to DJ House tunes occasionally.
Paul Moore
Born when comics were still black and white and weekly, grew up when comics grew up. Flirted with drawing comics, had some fun, drew a few small-press comics…but in the dark age of comics I went to Uni, got a job and forgot about comics…but the urge to draw comics is strong… Couldn‘t turn my back for too long and I‘ve been drawing them ever since, working for Zarjaz, Markosia, Comichaus, Madius, a few others and now Amigo with two series, The Last Hunt and Planet of Daemons. So here is Planet of Daemons, my first ’real‘ comic…

Stefan Mrkonjic
Born in Šabac (Serbia) on 06. 06. 1985, Stefan attended School of Applied Arts in Šabac and later the Academy of Arts in Slobomir where he graduated in 2010 as a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator. He published his first comic book in the EON Magazine in 2005. Since then he’s produced short comics and illustrations for various Serbian SF/ Horror magazines like Emitor, Raketla and Omaja.

As a colorist Stefan has collaborated with artist Slobodan Jovanovic (Šumar, Milost and Future Primitive), provided colors for Alberto Veloso and Brian Gillman’s comic Parallel P.D. and colored covers for Zoran Jankovic (The Fallen). Planet of Daemons is his second collaboration with writer Kevin Gunstone.

Outside of comics he‘s designed album covers for a wide range of artist – from Punk Rock band Stille Reserve to the electronic group Arigato. You can see more of his work here: https://www.deviantart.com/steff00