Catman Evolution #1 – (Originally Ran On 11/3/2014)

Thanks to Brad Linder, I’ve received an advanced copy for review of Catman: Evolution #1, and what a fun romp it is!

Now, I should advise in advance, some ‘mature language’ is in the book, so it may not be suitable for some younger readers, but then it’s very much aimed at an older audience, also, the language isn’t gratuitous, it’s appropriate to the situation.

I grew up with some great books, such as 2000 AD and First Comics, in particular, this made me think of ‘Badger’, not by any particular resemblance, but the spirit of the book.

Darren Merryweather is heir to not only the wealthy family estate, but also to the mantle of the role of the Catman, but being a hero means different things to different people, Darren has his own view on justice and the methods he should employ, but does being a hero mean more than simply our own perception of justice, or does that responsibility transcend our individual values?

Catman: Evolution doesn’t drag itself out with long, dull intros, it gets straight to the action, but it doesn’t miss a beat on the dialogue, we already know who our eponymous hero is within the first few pages, yet it doesn’t feel rushed, nothing has been at the expense of the book, all-in-all, this is one fun book and a very good debut issue.

Remember, independent creators can only bring the books they do to you with your support, there’s also some very cool exclusive rewards for your donations, so worth you having a look.

With Kickstarter campaigns, funds are only taken when the campaign is successful, so you never need to worry about losing funds, effectively, you are a sponsor.

Be sure to look out for other upcoming projects from our friends at FireStorm Comics, such as Quantum Jack, LoneRider: Frontier Galaxy and the milestone issue for the FireStorm universe, FSU: Origin.

All the very best to Brad and the team over at FireStorm, we look forward to your future publications, good luck with the campaign!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, funding for the Kickstarter back in 2014 was unable to be successfully made.

Catman: Evolution #1
FireStorm Comics
Creator and Writer: Brad Linder
Co-Plot and Script: Veronica Massey
Artist: Melvin Costiniano
Inker: Luis Alonso
Letters: T. Perran Mitchell
Colors: Blue Zhao
Reviewer: Scott Mack

Summary: Darren Merrywether is the grandson of the 1950’s Cat-Man and is the heir to the Merrywether Foundation, as well as the superhero legacy. Darren is trying to stop a local crimeboss from stealing a case of secret hi-tech weapons, while trying to prevent an internal hostile takeover of his family’s company.

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