Defenders Of Eden #1

In this wonderful tale from Matthew Rodriguez, we have another classic meeting of Good vs Evil. However in this specific story, there are so many elements and entities to make this particular comic book an instant original hit and up and coming successful series. Set in a semi-futuristic yet medieval fantasy time, our hero’s find themselves in a world, once peaceful for years, now on the brink of chaos and destruction. The centerpiece of our story takes place in a territory known as the Kingdom of Neuthonia. Here you will be introduced to our main character, a captain named Scotward, who, through the power of a special magical weapon, transforms into the champion known as ‘SilverGlove’.

This opening story also introduces you to a powerful villain, a witch known as Lady Maryweather, and her right hand muscle for hire, The Blackcard. Together, with their mighty band of misfits like the fierce flying warrior Owlock, made the vow to destroy the peace and devise a plan to take over all of Eden. The supporting cast on both sides of good and evil in this story are equally amazing. With small insights to their character, background, and origin, its no wonder why you will easily fall in love with these superstars as well as our main superstar characters. Their individual and unique personalities help to make this action packed adventure even more entertaining, memorable, and enjoyable.

Issue #1 of Defenders of Eden is great because it is the perfect amount of “info and intro” into this complex world of worlds, without overloading the audience to a level that becomes a complete headache and inevitable turnoff. In this issue, you will not only meet all the main characters both good and bad, you will get a brief lesson in the history as well as the geography. There are many kingdoms and various species that occupy these lands, which make up this domain known as Eden. Thus, creating an endless array and supply of stories and likely as well as unlikely heroes and villains. A great read for all ages and levels of comic book fans.

Action, adventure, science fiction, comedy, comradery, magic, and mystery set in this medieval world. And it’s not just the creative story or characters that will sell this book; the incredible illustration from CJ Edwards and the color scheme from Andrew Cramer literally makes each page pop and the cover art stand out on any bookshelf. Don’t take my word for it, please do yourself the service of not only reading Defenders of Eden, but take the time to share this hidden treasure with all of your friends and family.

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Defenders of Eden #1
Ideas From Mars
Created and Written by: Matthew Rodriguez
Pencils and Inks by: CJ Edwards
Colors and Lettering by: Andrew Cramer
Reviewed by: Adrian Richardson

Summary: Defenders of Eden: where good and evil fight to control the power that balances all of life!

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