Eelman Chronicles

The Eelman Chronicles is perhaps the most oddball comic I’ve read in recent memory due to the events that happens in the 4 issues I was sent by Chris Spalton. Events that Chris himself mentioned as being true things that had happened to his father (Spalt the Eelman) over the years as an Eel catcher across the great pond. Why exactly ol’ Spalt is so interested in catching Eels, especially a Queen one isn’t exactly clear but at least we get to see him in some odd if somewhat amusing situations. From the first page of the first issue, its clear to see that the Eelman Chronicles are a labor of love as Chris does the writing, the art, and lettering all on his own. And while I’m not particularly high on the art seen here, I actually do like it a little since this is primarily a labor of love. Though I do hope that if Chris continues to do comics and ones outside of Eelman, that his art game seriously gets upped due to his having improved. Or at least just being more serious with his work since I don’t think the Eelman Chronicles are actually meant to be taken all that seriously as Chris just wants to share the wild stories of his dad’s life.

Stories that involved Chris to a minor degree and even his long suffering mother at some points. Though I kinda feel for her where too many dogs are concerned! All 4 issues aren’t long, mostly 4 to 6 pages and you know? It works for this comic as each story is just enough for those small amount of pages. Issue 4’s ‘A Double Dose Of Jackanory’ is probably my main favorite after reading it and the other issues tonight in full. Sure, its kinda saddening due to what happens with the dogs his dad is shown getting at various points but at the same time, the issue’s rather amusing due to Spalt’s love for dogs getting the best of him. And no doubt earning himself the wrath of his long suffering wife! Issue 4 really brings home the fact that dogs are a man’s best friend, even if they do drive ya a little batty! But at least they are less troublesome then Ferrets for the most part!

O’l Jack, I’m lookin’ at you! And while Spalt’s adventures are true, there’s some moments that were clearly done for the amusement factor and creative license. So if you’ve ever thought about taking up something like Eel hunting, then you may want to give these 4 issues a read. Sure, you’re not likely to have half the adventures our boy Spalt had, but at least you’ll be getting out and about! Will Spalt ever find his White Whale? Will we be witness to the end of his wife’s long suffering? I don’t know, but I sure wouldn’t mind finding out and hopefully you will too! So if you want something to take your mind off your troubles or escape from those gosh darn dark and gritty comics (no matter how bizarre it might be), the Eelman Chronicles is for you! And considering how a certain Prince seemed to have trouble understanding ol’ Spalt, I kinda want to hear the guy talk myself as I kinda feel a kinship of sorts with him as sometimes its hard for folks to understand me as well.

Eelman Chronicles
Created by: Chris Spalton
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: The wild but true stories of Chris Spalton’s father, the ever lovin’ Eel hunting guy known as Spalt!