Ruined My Rhythm Volume 1

I love that Ruined My Rhythm was created by two people that are miles apart. Robert being an Okie while Luna isn’t. Which means that we can in fact have nice things after all and its likely cause of the internet this was able to happen or even something as simple as a local Comic Con! If it could work for various Youtubers then it certainly can for comic book creators as well! Luna Cooper was the perfect choice to bring Robert Soul’s creation to life through her art and colors as we see Maria begin her journey (that ends up in Tulsa, Oklahoma!) sometime after the tragic loss of her mother. Whether or not a claim she’s made about her foster father has any truth to it remains to be seen as she could merely just be wanting to keep a lot of distance between herself and her foster parents that she ends up living with. Maria also proves that while she may be young, she’s smart enough to ensure she’ll be fine (or as fine as she can be) as she runs off from her foster home to find her father.

Who for whatever reason that may or may not involve music, left Maria and her mother at some point before the events of this first volume. And that kinda leaves me a little iffy on that guy as Maria could potentially be heading for heartbreak by the time she finally finds the guy. That is if she doesn’t end up finding a new home with the bunch she’s met so far on her journey and hopefully doesn’t get herself into a ton of trouble with a little lie of her’s. No telling the amount of trouble she’ll be in if her foster parents catch up to her! Now some could say not a whole lot happened in this first volume and some could say that a lot did happen and I’d be amongst those who felt that quite a bit did happen. Showing proof that you don’t always need some big dramatic thing going on like explosions or big knock out fights. Maria’s journey is one I’m excited to see more of in the future and I can’t wait to see what Robert and Luna have in store next with this universe of their’s.

I think this is a perfect book for teens to check out and perhaps even adults to do so as well. As they might find themselves feeling a kind of kinship with young Maria and what she’s dealing with. I’d like to also mention that Ruined My Rhythm ran a successful Kickstarter for its first volume last year, along with another successful campaign last year with the second volume. Something that I think is pretty cool as it shows there is a lot of love going on for Ruined My Rhythm! Anyways, time to hop on a yellow and black Volkswagen Microbus and see a Grateful Dead show!

Editor’s Note: To find out how you can acquire yourself a copy of Ruined My Rhythm, head here!

Ruined My Rhythm Volume 1
Chipper Muse Creative Services/Soul Fiction Factory/Champion Comics
Writer: Robert Soul
Illustrator and Colorist: Luna Cooper
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A snarky, intelligent outsider, Maria is hard, edgy & tough. When her mother suddenly dies, she sets off to find her estranged father.

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