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Five issues in with John Lees’ ComixTribe title known as Sink has shown me that the man is no where near finished telling his tales of the unpleasantries that exist within Sinkhill. Initially, after the first issue, I had kinda thought we were going to be getting a multi-issue arc about involving the Clowns and their Blue Van after they kidnapped one unfortunate individual by the name of Allan. But issue 2 told me loud and clear that that wasn’t going to be the case as I got to reading it. Which involves a lovely lady named Sharon who deals with certain… Troubling issues like dead bodies. Granted, its ending left me a little confused and I’m curious if John ever plans on going back to that to touch on it further. Then again, some things are better left as a mystery for one to think a lot about over a long period of time. Issue 2 even had me researching what the word ‘deid’ meant so yes, comics can teach you new things! Even if it might be a little disturbing at times.

As its been talked of and shown within the pages of the first 5 issues, Sinkhill and its people have it rough. A roughness that isn’t helped by outsiders looking down on them instead of trying something that would somehow help improve the situation. Like for example, sending the equivalent of the National Guard into the area to deal with all the problems like the Blue Van Clowns or Si McKirdie. Whom we finally get to see in issue 5 when Snowy the Dog’s lovely owner goes in a search to find little ol’ Snowy. Now, its entirely possible such an attempt to clean out Sinkhill wouldn’t go well. Or it could but in the end, something worse could come about and begin to cause problems. Which is a scary thought for certain! Sink’s take on things is said to be a more warped version of the actual place according to the Kickstarter that was done sometime ago. Although, considering what all about the actual area of Sinkhill managed to inspire in John, I have to wonder if there’s any Horrorcore songs out there about the place. Or just any kinda music really. Music that would probably have a touch of warpedness that is.

Hell, A Horrorcore artist could easily make use of the Sink comic for some material in their work and that would be an interesting thing to here. Plus, if Tales From The Crypt’s TV show was still a thing, the material here would be something to get adapted for that show! Alex Cormack’s colors (With some additional assistance from Lisa Moore on the colors) and art continues to perfectly capture the horrifying aspects of events that happen. Further proving that he was the perfect choice for this title. One of his panels in issue 3 was interesting as its not often you see a knife in someone’s butt cheek! Major ow right there! Issue 3 also interestingly enough gives us Rab (Florence) Kilcolm, a rather violent fellow who left that kind of life behind years before the events of the third issue happens and becomes a woman. Which does nothing to take away the fact that even with a new look, Kilcolm can still curb stomp a fool with ease (Yowza!). Its interesting though that with her rather big phsyical change, she didn’t try and do anything about the scars on her hands.

I imagine that would likely make dating kinda hard unless she wore gloves to those dates until she felt she could trust that person with that kind of knowledge to be able to handle it. Readers (such as myself) get to see an interesting situation for Florence after an old friend’s two kids comes to her in need of help after something unfortunate happens. Florence left Sinkhill for a better life and hadn’t looked back in years. At least until her old friend’s two kids shows up for help that eventually sees her return to her old stomping (Pun time!) grounds. Whether or not her return to Sinkhill will be a huge mistake remains to be seen but I’m sure if word got out who got her to come back, I imagine there would be some severe consequences. But given the examples of what a badass (violent one at that) Florence is, its gonna take someone seriously stupid to try anything! Or perhaps… Ballsy enough in Si McKirdie’s case as with the bits and pieces we’ve heard and actually seen of the man, he’s not afraid to get things done. Makes me wonder if he’d actually put an end to a certain Blue Van and its bunch if a certain Fox doesn’t end up doing that, that is.

The Fox is someone that makes me wonder what pushed him to begin doing what he does whenever he appears. Such as in the first issue, then his slight teaser appearance in the second, and then in the 4th and 5th issues. He’s the kind of vigilante that probably even the Punisher would like to work with as he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty (incredibly bloody at that as well) while going to town on some piece of scum in Sinkhill. It was surprising to see him in issue 4, surprising but kinda nice as things could have gotten horrifyingly ugly for a foursome of kids out to take on those damned clowns after someone they know goes missing. Its horrifying for not only the readers, but the kids too and if you’ve read issue 4, you’ll get what I mean. The whole thing also serves as a very valuable learning experience. Chief among those not being such a dickhead to one of your own just cause he has a lot of problems at home while you have it better. How the events the 4 go through effects them as they grow remains to be seen but I can imagine at least one of them ending up somewhere unpleasant given what they end up doing to a piece of scum that the Fox had been interrogating when they meet up with him.

Sink’s 5th issue, while its not as violent and bloody, still has a bit in it to satisfy those who’ve come to love that aspect of this series. The 5th issue being about Emma and her little dog Snowy. And while I like Emma, her mother’s not exactly someone I care for. But despite the little we’ve seen of the two, its nice to see Emma get a little authoritive like on her after having enough of her crap. This girl’s also brave for venturing into two different Lions Dens, I’ll tell ya that much! Its understandable though as she really loves her dog and a majority of dog owners will do just about damn near anything for their beloved dog(s). Cause in a lot of cases, they aren’t a pet but a true member of the family. One wants to really hope there’s a light at the end of this journey for Emma but the thing to remember is that this isn’t some Disney tale being told here. Heh, there’s an interesting image of John Lees doing something Disney related! Emma’s search for little Snowy allows us to finally see Si McKirdie himself in the flesh as I mentioned earlier. And given the kind of impression we readers have had of the notorious figure until the 5th issue, reality versus expectations comes into play here.

Not that ol’ Si isn’t dangerous as we’ve see in this issue as he very clearly is. But he’s got a kind of vibe to him that if you didn’t know him, would make you think he’s a real stand up fella who even likes to cook. Then again, one has to account for the old adage of appearances being rather deceiving. I could go on about this issue’s events but I think its best readers who haven’t read it yet see and experience the pages events for themselves. I will say though that the ending is kind of uplifting and I wonder if we’ll see Emma again down the road. Or any other character outside of Si, the Fox, those Clowns, and Florence. As things do kinda circle back to them as has been seen in these five issues. Sink’s Sinkhill might not be the place for an average family to move too for happiness and the like, but for those living there, its home. Even if it does kind of suck at times for them due to the levels of bad that happens. Sink also serves as a reminder to not look down on someone just cause they aren’t in the same social levels as you are. And in general? Just be a decent human being as otherwise, your actions could come back to haunt you.

Whatever John has in store next is something I look forward too. Even if it does involve creepy Clowns in a Blue Van! Or at least I’m kinda hoping it does since its been said that issue 5 is the last one! Which is probably more horrifying then anything!

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Written by: Rob Wrecks

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