A Few Truths From Sean Mack


My name is Sean Mack and I am the Publisher of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. I am writing you to ask you for your assistance in spreading awareness and shedding some light on the truth in a (so far) one sided and biased news story that is being circulated and beginning to gain traction.

The indie comic book publishing company, Short Fuse Media Group, LLC., is being attacked by Right Wing Groups, Self Proclaimed Christian Conservatives and popular Alt Right Celebrities for their decision to stand for equality by severing ties with a creator (Will Caligan) and his studio (Alpha Dog Studios) that Short Fuse had established a working relationship with originating from Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. utilizing its financial resources to help Alpha Dog Studios to print and fulfill Kickstarter Rewards on a campaign that they failed to deliver on. Ties were publicly severed with the creator and his studio recently after he made public statements that were deemed offensive to members of the LGBT+ Community resulting in an internal investigation by Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. regarding the context behind those comments.












During that investigation it was mutually agreed by Will Caligan and the Publisher of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. (Sean Mack) that the relationship between Short Fuse Media Group, and Alpha Dog Studios should be dissolved as a result of the public backlash that Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. incurred based on what was revealed to be a recurring pattern of behavior from Will Caligan and the effect that it had on the public perception of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. as being a company that supports Anti-LGBT+ sentiments, which is COMPLETELY false as there are members of the LGBT+ Community that are also creators on the Short Fuse roster.


The following press release was issued via the Short Fuse Media Group Facebook Page after the separation:

“For Immediate Release –

Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. was founded on the principles of uniting all PEOPLE and embracing diversity. In order to maintain those principles, the decision has been made from our senior staff to sever ties with Will Caligan and Alpha Dog Studios, effective immediately as a result of comments that were made by Will that were deemed to be offensive by members of the indie comic book community as well as the LGBT Community.

Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. would like to formally apologize to the members of the indie comic book community, the LGBT Community and especially the current (and prior) members/talent of our roster who are also a part of the LGBT community for the length of time that it took to fully understand the scope of what had taken place and act on this accordingly as again, we support and respect all PEOPLE from ALL walks of life.”

While Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. obtained support from many in the indie comic community and the LGBT+ Community for how the issue was handled, Short Fuse Media Group was then attacked by friends of Will as well as multiple hate groups over their support of all people.

Joining into the fray of the attack was the right wing conservative media company, PJ Media posting this slanderous and non-factual article on their website.

The reporter did no investigative reporting beyond asking if Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. had a comment via their company Facebook Page. They’re article shifted the narrative from the issue of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. being a company that supports ALL people, to that of a “Transgender Mafia” getting a disabled war veteran fired from Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. making him “unemployed” which was totally slanderous and again, completely false. Will Caligan was NEVER an employee of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. In fact, Will Caligan was and still is the owner and head of his own company (Alpha Dog Studios) that merely had a relationship with Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. so Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. essentially could not fire Will Caligan. They could only sever ties with him and his studio. Conversely, it was initially Will Caligan who suggested his ties with Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. to become severed as even Will admitted to the Publisher via private messages that he understood the predicament that he had placed the entire company and every creator associated with the company in based on his actions. [Excerpts from those conversations with Will Caligan can be provided upon request to validate.]

Soon after the report was posted, what had initially been limited to a niche Facebook community, began to spread to other social media platforms as Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. found itself coming under attack by the likes of Youtubers like “Just Some Guy” (Chris Baylis) with moderately sized followings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg8IE7CvbLg) as well as celebrity Alt Right Activist/author Vox Day who posted “SJW attack on Christian veteran and our response” even though he also confirmed in his own video that even though he didn’t know the full scope of the story, “he didn’t care.” Vox Day also noted that he had been in contact with Will Caligan and proposed a campaign to his followers to publish and help Will while also to “add another SJW skull to his collection”.






This was never an SJW issue, an issue of a veteran being terminated, or an issue about religious beliefs, “free think” or freedom of speech as it has consistently been made out to be. This was always about one man being accountable for how he presented himself in the public and how his association with a company that was providing support to him was affected by that presentation.

Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. stands by its initial statement that “we respect and support people from ALL walks of life.” As evidenced by Will Caligan’s public and private comments as well as his newly acquired associations with groups that have no interest in showing any form of equality amongst ALL people, we are proud to have validation that we made the right choice in severing ties with Will Caligan and Alpha Dog Studios.

This is merely a statement of facts that can be proven to contradict the story that is currently being circulated. I am perfectly fine with the contents of this message being edited and formatted for any circulated form of publication. Additionally I am also readily available to answer any further questions regarding this matter for additional reporting on articles or for actual interviews on the subject on behalf of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. if the need arises.
Kind Regards.


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  1. Bigots and fascists the lot of you

  2. Nobody cares. If you want attention this bad run out in the street naked. Maybe someone will notice. Also, don’t condem other people for having their own faith when you have none.

  3. Throwing a man under the bus for thoughtcrime is not cool, dude. And that’s what you did. Looks like you may be the lucky winner of the “one time too many” raffle. For every action, there is a reaction. And the reaction to the SJW lynch mobs and those that appease them has begun.

    If the politics of personal destruction are a game you wish to play, by all means, let’s get all of our pieces on the board.

    Not a dime of mine for anything you publish, nor for anything with your name on it. You should have counted heads and wallets before you made that decision. I think you will repent of your error, and soon, with monetary sorrow.

  4. It’s been a long time since I‘ve experienced such strongly evangelical beliefs such as Mr Caligan’s. Those facts of his character weren’t made apparent in the articles that I’ve read.

    Initially I was disappointed with Short Fuse for what appears to be a misunderstanding; that their distancing of Caligan meant rejecting unwanted affection should be shamed (my body, my rules), and that there’s no biological basis to sex and gender (an increasing number of us gays & lesbians are being attacked by a minority in the LGBT+ for having no sexual interest in transgenders, regressing a century of the gay rights movement and shaming same-sex attractedness).

    Perhaps social media was a mistake.

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