Starlex #2

Well its certainly been quite some time since I read the f98d88a67f539d33b0584a198ba1178e8irst issue of this title from DBC! And its certainly nice to see that Starlex isn’t shirking in her duties as a heroine despite the price it clearly has on her personal life. Not to mention a well learned lesson in how you probably shouldn’t use social media for your heroic persona! Though I gotta wonder just where exactly she keeps money on her in that outfit. Something I’m probably better off not knowing unless the razzle dazzle from her eyes kinda helps with not having to pay cause its so shiny and all! One of the noticable things about this issue (at least to me anyway) is the change in art style with Ben Eargle taking over the art duties. And I think its a good

change too, not that I’m saying anything bad about Dody Eka’s art of course. Another new difference is that Dan himself has taken over coloring and I think that’s another nice touch for this second issue. And just when our dear Starlex is about to chow down ol’ Murphy has to come a callin’!

Which makes me wonder if she’s got that ol’ Parker luck that somehow managed to transcend to this universe of Dan’s! Which… Would make for an amusing conversation between the two no doubt if it was to happen! Now one of the things I liked about this issue was the groan worthy cheesyness of the two villains introduced here, though only one’s seen in action and is probably gonna want some vengeance when and if he manages to break out of jail! Something that could have fatal consequences one day too if ol’ Hollywood loses enough of his marbles and gets deadly serious. And if that happens, hopefully Starlex is prepared for it! Heh, one thing our fair heroine will learn after this issue is to never ask what’s next cause that is only taunting Murphy! Which makes me wonder if the bus scene shown in this issue is an homage of some kind to either the Chris Reeve Superman film or the Toby Maguire Spider-Man film or perhaps both.

If so, its pretty neat even though the rescue attempt could have gone so wrong for our newbie Starlex. I’m curious to see if the second baddie introduced at the end of this issue is somehow responsible for the disaster Starlex had to get involved with or if that was just a separate thing of its own. Though I am interested to see if he’ll be a more deadlier adversary then Doctor Hollywood could be. A curiousity I hope Dan will be allowed to be satisfied very soon!

Starlex #2
Dead Bride Comics
Creator, Writer, and Colorist: Dan Barnes
Artist: Ben Eargle
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Follow Alexis Starling as she continues on her crazy journey as Los Angeles’ newest super hero STARLEX!