Defective Comics #1 (Originally ran on 3/18/2015)

1639159_origAs hard as it may be to believe, not all super heroes are dark, grim, gritty, and depressed. There are actually a few heroes who love what they do. They love the costumes, the powers and the defending of truth and justice. “Defective Comics” reminds us that there is more than one way to tell a super hero story and that sometimes heroes are just plain weird.

Pulblished by Studio Erbo, written by Eric J. Cockrell, Darren Fitzpatrick, and Ryan Heywood with art by Cockrell and Fitzpatrick and aided by Jenni Bullard and Eric F. Myers. “Defective Comics” is a breath of fresh air, following the lead of those fun heroes who have come before. Adhesive Man, along with his side kick Wimpy Sidekick, fight a never-ending battle to right wrongs, defend the weak, and risk copyright infringement at every turn.

“Defective Comics” is an anthology of interconnected stories, each focusing on a different set of characters. Filled with wit, parody, and pop culture references. “Defective Comics” will be a fun read for fans of characters such as Captain Underpants, The Tick, and Freakazoid.

While the first issue is a little rough around the edges, the enthusiasm and fun of the book is undeniable. Whether it’s Hawk Guy’s attempt at gaining entry into The Assemblers, The Gnat’s on going battle with The Flying Albino or Adhesive Man’s search for a mysterious and powerful gem. The action is awkward, frantic, and nonstop; the stories fresh, funny, and occasionally cringe worthy.

“Defective Comics” would makeĀ a great present for anyone, young or old, who likes the idea of a smile to go along with their crime busting. Then again, you could always just pick up a copy for yourself.

Defective Comics #1
Studio Erbo Comics
Writers: Eric J. Cockrell, Darren Fitzpatrick, and Ryan Heywood
Pencils: Eric J. Cockrell and Darren Fitzpatrick
Inks: Eric F. Myers, Darren Fitzpatrick, and Erick J. Cockrell
Colors: Eric J. Cockrell and Jenni Bullard
Letters: Eric F. Myers and Eric J. Cockrell
Reviewer: Mark Lester

Summary: Defective Comics #1 reintroduces Adhesive Man in the first story as he meets Curiosity the Cat Killer and assists him in locating a powerful gem. Then we meet The Gnat and his sidekick, Vanilla Guy, as they come up against the Byguys, lead by Byclops, whom seem to be under some sort of mind control. Lastly we visit with Hawk Guy as he auditions for a place on Admiral Angry’s super hero team, the Assemblers.