Street Fighter Unlimited #1

12341353_982804175091665_7018052000783385060_nStreet Fighter is one of the most iconic and long lasting games to be still be in circulation today. It burst onto the scene and captured the imagination of millions worldwide and it’s still going strong today. I think the last time I read one was from Malibu so that this one is completely new reader friendly is something I appreciate. Ken really is able to set up what this new series is going to be about here and allows us the opportunity to see and understand what Ryu is dealing with without having to read past series.

On a side note this has a slew, and I mean a slew, of variant covers that pay homage to some of comics most iconic covers. There’s no shortage in finding one that strikes a chord with your past so be sure to see which ones are available and pick your favourite.

Sometimes I forget just how nice the style of artwork can be with these books. Not Manga or cartoon illustration but a kind of melding of those to create something flowing and expressive. Joe and Espen really do this amazing job in creating a look and feel that brings in elements of all the things that childhood dreams were made of and really take it to the reader making it almost irresistible. Plus the fight sequences are fantastic as well their use of perspective in them really capture the feeling of the action.

So I was completely taken in by the opening. I really thought that was what was happening in the now and that it’s just a reveal of what Ryu’s thinking during his meditation made it all the better. His struggle with the Satsui No Hado is real and that he worries about giving in to its temptation while a valid thing should also be taken that being worried means he isn’t exactly fully embracing it. Even if he likes the seduction of power he feels from it. This inner struggle he’s going through elevates this book for me into something so much more than a combat type of book. It has substance and interest and some excellent characterization happening while still being true to the one on one combat that the series is infamous for.

I’m thoroughly intrigued by the way this story is unfolding and with characters like Sagat who has been seen as a bad guy being given a chance by Ryu after acknowledging he’s risen from a dark place and deserves a second chance. Ken might not agree but hey it really does add both a human element to the story as well as insight into what Ryu’s dealing with. Plus it’s just incredible fun to see the two spar. Though with no one able to answer his questions but himself it looks like a retreat or spiritual journey is in order.

Of course the ending of this issue may change the course of action he has to take but I have to say it’s fantastic to see Bison still the big bad leader of the baddies. The new guest he is entertaining as well happens to be my favourite character so that ensures i’ll be back.

I have to say that there is a whole lot more depth to this than I thought there would be. The story, characterization and idea behind all this is very well thought out and incorporates the fighting in a way that highlights their skills while focusing on the person. I’ll say again the interiors are fantastic and keep this as one of those action books where you can feel the action.

Here’s where you can find the list of covers available–personally if anyone wants to send me a Blank Variant i’d be thrilled as those are my favourites when heading to conventions!

Editor’s Note: To check out those variants and to get information on how to grab yourself a copy of this title, head here!

Street Fighter Unlimited #1
Udon Entertainment 2015
Written by: Ken Siu-Chong
Illustrated by: Joe NG
Coloured by: Espen Grundetjern
Lettered by: Marshall Dillon
Bonus Story Written by: Jim Zub
Illustrated by: Edwin Huang
Coloured by: Josh Perez

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

Summary: Street Fighter monthly comics are back! Gearing up for the release of Street Fighter V in 2016, UDON launches an all-new monthly comic book series that will pack in more adrenaline, more battles, and more characters than ever before! A new era for the undisputed king of fighting games begins here, in Street Fighter Unlimited #1!