Papercuts and Inkstains #3!


Rosie Packwood Cover!

Papercuts & Inkstains #3 is here and it is a double headed orthrus of laughs, shocks and surprises. Way too much fun to pack into just one issue, the staples begged for mercy, and we listened.

Featuring stories written by Madius stalwarts Robin Jones, Michael Sambrook & Nick Gonzo, covering a vast range of genres, everything from Western, Horror, Sci-fi and even Madius’ first toe-dip into the lycra infused world of superheroes. You will laugh, you will cry, you will laugh again, but we wouldn’t make you cry twice. Join us on this epic journey into the weird. I hope you packed your swimming vestments.

In the first of our double feature, issue 3A, you will be greeted by the mind meltingly beautiful cover from Rosie Packwood (whoever it was who trusted that bunch of reprobates on a rollercoaster clearly didn’t do their homework). Issue 3A features 3 completely brand new stories and in essence functions as a stand alone issue (this one’s for you, haters of continuity). The first story, written by Rob and Mike, and featuring art from the incredible Angela Sprecher is a fast paced Wild-West casino heist called ‘A Roll of the Dice’. We find out what happens when a small town bar owner decides to fight back against the oppressive cash-munching casino that’s moved into the area. I love it when a plan comes together! Next up, we have the breakneck ‘Vampire Wonderland’, again written by Rob and Mike, this time featuring art from the brilliant Paul Moore. The world has changed, the vampires are here, and they are HUNGRY. We are thrown headfirst into a young woman’s heart pounding supply run. When vampires are everywhere, the survivors have to get creative to stay alive. We cap off the first of our issues with the return of the aforementioned aficionado, Rosie Packwood. The final story is drawn by the wonderful Rosie, and written by the sort-of-wonderful, Mike Sambrook. What starts out as a regular teenage road trip takes several strange turns and leads you to places you’d never expect. Everybody’s going on ‘Slaycation’! The horror!!

*pause for breath*


Mike Smith and Jim Lavery Cover!

Still here? Great, you made it through 3A alive. But we will make sure 3B finishes the job *thunder crash*. The minute you gaze upon the face of 3B you will taste the shoe leather of frequent friend of Madius, the effervescent Mike Smith’s boot-to-your-chops. Mirroring the wonderful Rosie’s cover for 3A, we get a sneaky look at the kind of shenanigans we can expect inside. Many shenanigans! The art for 3B’s cover was a collaboration between Mr. Smith (on line art) and family friend, Jim Lavery (on colours). The first tale in our second helping of awesome is written by Rob and featuring art from the magnetic Dan Butcher, who you may remember from the fantastic Papercuts 1 cover. In this story, entitled FPS, we dive right into the body of our character and experience it as ourself. Told from a first person visual perspective we get a harrowing tale of an invasion into enemy territory. Forces collide, world views collide. It’s gonna get ugly. Following this we have a Papercuts return for Nick ‘I can fit twelve eggs in my mouth at once’ Gonzo on writing duties, teaming up with the wonderful Brian Burke to bring you Madius’ first foray into capes. But hey, this is Madius, things were never going to be straightforward, were they? ‘The Perplexity’ isn’t yo momma’s superhero! Then, just when you thought it was nearly over. THOSE DAMN PROFITS OF DOOM SHOW UP. They are back. They are still useless. As always, written by Rob Jones & Mike Sambrook and featuring brilliant art from Mike Smith. How’s the apocalypse shaping up? Spoiler, it ain’t going well. We get the hotly anticipated third installment from our favourite hooded idiots.


This double feature of insanity goes on sale at Thoughtbubble (November 14th and 15th) and will be available in the Madius online store straight afterwards.


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