CruZader: Agent Of The Vatican Volume 1

Omar Morales has written a pretty great story here about a secret agent ofCover_Final RGB SMALL SIZE the Vatican who handles the more dirtier side of life that they can’t be involved with. Especially since they would probably wind up dead if they aren’t all that well trained to handle a demonic attack or otherwise. And while I like a majority of the characters seen in this story, the Pope himself is about the only person I really don’t even care for as he’s something of an ass and a bit stuck in tradition. And for those of you who may have already read this, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about when it comes to him. Roy ‘Fox’ Lerenard, a former Legionnaire is quite possibly my most favorite character in this story as he’s something of a joker but is damned dependable! Although for a short period I kind of wondered if he was going to betray La Notte (also known as Antonio) but he proved himself to be a pretty good guy. Antonio himself is a fairly straight forward kind of guy who isn’t much of a joker and definitely doesn’t take to kindly to people like the KKK using holy music for their own twisted needs.

Though its clear he’s wanting to retire, and the reason for why becomes even clearer a little later into the story. And with a reason like that I can’t blame the guy! Conspiracy theorists will probably love this story as well due to the Reptilian like aliens that show up a few times through out the events we see. And these guys definitely aren’t the most pleasant of fellas to look at and nor are they the most friendliest either. Taking on KKK members, aliens, vampires, Devil worshippers, and who knows what else is no doubt something that takes a toll on anyone and Antonio is likely no different either. Even if his family line has pretty much been in the thick of it for many years. Likely one more reason for him wanting his replacement to be around already.

Omar has a solid creative team on this book and I hope that in the future they will be a continued part of this title for however long its liable to last. I love how a lot of Christian lore is used in this story such as the Spear of Destiny. Something that is essentially a part of Antonio’s armory and apparently something of a good luck charm at that. Course it piericng Christ once upon a time likely has something to do with that though I wonder if there’s some unknown downside that hasn’t been encountered yet? Something to potentially explore in the future.

I have to wonder however what the Vatican would have done if their way of having an heir be made from Antonio would have resulted in him getting a disease from one of those girls? Or would they have carefully screened for something like that to ensure nothing bad would happen to him? Which… Would make sense since they want his line to continue on after him. It makes one hope that they would use common sense like that anyway. Another thing I’m curious about is the donuts thing as it seems to be a thing for Catholics in the world Omar has put together. Guess when you’ve gotten your Holy on you need something to help give you an energy boost!

Though I have a slight issue with Antonio’s love interest here and its that basically she was without him for 20 years more or less and yet apparently never moved on. I don’t really see how that could be cause I figure she would have at least found someone else in that time period since that many years is a long time to be a part. Maybe its a whole romance one love kind of thing Omar has going here. I am surprised however her or their son didn’t have more of an issue with Antonio wanting things done a certain way after he learned of what all his son was doing. Hell, I’d certainly be having an issue with somebody if they came up into my house and started saying that this or that had to be done and a word or two would be definitely had. No matter who they are to me. Course had certain events not happened I could see that kind of argument taking place between father and son since the kid’s not been so heavily indoctrinated like his old man’s been. I love how straight forward the kid is later on with the Pope while the big cheese is pretty resistant due to traditions but the kid doesn’t let that stop him at all.

Change has to happen sooner or later or otherwise you will stagnate and that’s clearly something the Pope needs to learn and it certainly seems like he will! Omar has definitely got my interest in this world of his and I can’t wait to see what happens next! It definitely helps that this isn’t overly preachy either.

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CruZader: Agent Of The Vatican Volume 1

The Force Media LLC

Creator and Writer: Omar Morales
Pencils and Inks: Joel Cotejar
Colors: Mike Dolce
Letters: Jaymes Reed
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A reluctant exorcist is retrained as a holy hitman for the Vatican against his will; he must embrace his destiny in the face of an apocalyptic prophecy.