Accelerators: Momentum #4 (of 4)


With the end of this arc here I’ve been able to think a bit about this series. One of the things that has impressed me is the organic evolution of how the cast grew. At first it was unclear if all would survive their initial encounter but as time as worn on they’ve established this very strong yet dysfunctional family type unit. I think being in this town without their real memories has only strengthened that bond in ways they don’t even understand. That it does feel so organic is a testament to Porto’s writing skills.

That Spatz is kind of the key to everything has been fun to watch come to the forefront. The reveal that there’s been more to him than meets the eye was gradual and still it isn’t fully explained. That just means we keep coming back to learn more and more about him and if his accidental ride along on this journey caused that or if he was already destined to be at the right place at the right time. Also that they “adults” keep underestimating him and his intelligence only goes to show that once we hit a certain age or status we stop thinking in broader terms and more in what we personally can understand. Porto has a nice grip on how much of society seems to think.

Gavin has come a long way as the artist of this series as well. Each issue sees his talent grow, mature and his style has become clear and defined. The old constabulary that we see is tight and well detailed and just amazing to look at. The AI that talks to Spatz has his own unique fluidity about him that makes him interesting. It’s very clear that he’s talented and has quite a career ahead of him and I look forward to seeing his work on the next arc. But for now with what’s going to happen sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Screenshot 2015-10-02 at 8.45.15 AMNothing in these folks lives is ever going to go easily. They are too diverse a group with such varying personalities and strong wills. Opinionated and confrontational they seem to cause trouble just as often as it finds them. It doesn’t make them bad people just not suited for communal living shall we say. Gramps, Gamemaster, of course goes berserk once he regains his memories and somehow what he manages to do well it’s pretty epic, good and bad.

Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to what’s next and the ramifications of what happened this issue. I love that nothing gets tied up or really ended with the end of an arc. That leaves the reader in that “no I have to wait how long” for the story to continue mind frame and then excited when it does come out.

Fresh, fun and an interesting take on Time Travel, Accelerators breaks the mold of the science fiction genre and leads the way to the future!

Accelerators: Momentum #4 (of 4)

Blue Juice Comics 2015
Created & Written by R.F.I. Porto
Illustrated by Gavin Smith
Coloured by Tim Yates

Summary: Brainwashed into believing that he lived in a small pre-industrial town, Spatz learns the truth: the entire town is actually located in the future and is controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence that protects the townsfolk and keeps dangerous time criminals locked away. Among those criminals, Spatz discovers an older version of himself, as well as on of his time-travel companions, Bob–whose accelerator has been missing since their escape from the Time Games.

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