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Golden Bell to Bring on Sunday Comics!

Creators from LOST, How To Train Your Dragon, Minions, Disney, Nintendo, Doctor Who, Batman, and Garfield join Golden Bell’s The Sunday Comics NEW YORK (November 24, 2015) Golden Bell Entertainment announced today that they will launch their first collaborative arts project called The Sunday Comics. The start of this endeavor begins with The Sunday Comics, […]

Papercuts and Inkstains #3!

Papercuts & Inkstains #3 is here and it is a double headed orthrus of laughs, shocks and surprises. Way too much fun to pack into just one issue, the staples begged for mercy, and we listened. Featuring stories written by Madius stalwarts Robin Jones, Michael Sambrook & Nick Gonzo, covering a vast range of genres, everything […]

Tempered Steele #1 Preview from Afterburn!

SkyStorm Origins story continues in Tempered Steele #1 “The Heroic Age Begins!” with the birth of Tempered Steele. What connection does he have to the Timestone? Who does he meet from SkyStorm Origins and how does aliens fit into the Paradox Wars? Watch as Kevin Steele acquires great powers but at a price… The Heroic Age Begins! By Robert […]

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