A Terminal(s) World

Prepare yourselves, for I’m diving into a universe with a very serious terminal condition! And that’s probably as witty as I’ll get with this but who knows, I might surprise you fine readers and myself! When I was first approached by Julia Ahadi (Times 2 for awesome!) to check out Ryan Ferrier’s Terminals from Penny-Farthing Productions, I went and checked out what I could find of it and pretty much jumped on the chance like a Hot Pocket. Even if I did take a bit of time in getting around to reviewing it. As the idea (to me anyway) seemed like an interesting one despite the super hero theme. Along with the ever loving fantastic theme of Man playing about with things best left to God and Nature. Something that really comes back to bite a lot of people in the ass in various ways in this universe of Ferrier’s. Even towards those who don’t even deserve it like Wynn Collins, (Our main man with an unfortunate past) Clarence Charles the Bear, (Yeah, you read that right) Savvy the Telepath, Swarm the Bee Queen, Bullit the Bullet Proof Man, and Zombie The Uhh… Yeah, Zombie. (Only with a somewhat working brain)

I imagine had they the knowledge of what would happen to them once signing up to be the world’s first super team, they all probably would have said no!

The Bad Guys!

Of course, we learn that perhaps they aren’t exactly the first super team in existence (Can’t make an Omelet without cracking a few eggs first, am I right?) but at least Wynn and team aren’t a bunch of trouble makers. Even if one of the trouble makers is a Wolf Man without the Wolfy appearance. Which… Either way, I like anyway despite his less then tender mercies! Though Ol’ Lycan does seem to have an interesting relationship with the White Ghost, whose origins we get to learn of in the 4th issue of the Bloodlines saga. And explains a lot about why she’s not exactly a nice ghost! Personally, I kinda felt the second issue of Bloodlines shoulda been the 4th issue considering what happens in it with Collins. Or as a very final issue of Bloodlines if there is more after White Ghost’s origin issue. Now its not exactly clear how much time passes before our young heroes ride into their first mission but despite that, I do like the way things develop between our boy Collins and Swarm.

Let’s Power Up!

Even if it is a pity we never really get to see their relationship grow aside from some tender moments here and there. Heh, I bet their kid would be an interesting one if he or she inherited their powers!

Collins’ powers for example are… Well… Reminds me of Gambit’s in a way color wise. But aren’t exactly easy to control (even years later) and seem to really muck things up unless Collins is lucky where they are concerned. Of course if he and Swarm had a kid, maybe he or she would be luckier then their old man! Rove, Trevor Jameus, Michael Walsh, Ed Ryzowski, and Mike Garcia all do wonderful jobs in bringing Ryan’s world of Terminals together really beautiful. The fact the girls here aren’t super duper sexy cliches is a huge plus sign in my view as the less of that, the better. There’s also a lesson to be learned by the time you’re done reading every bit of Terminals that’s currently out. That you probably shouldn’t trust someone who already seems to know who you are before hand that’s offering you the chance to have super powers. Sure, some cases are lucky but some aren’t and its never quite that easy to know which is which.

While Loch led to some happy endings, Terminals just isn’t the place for that. And that’s something I don’t mind cause not every Super Heroic tale out there should be like that. And Ryan does that really well and it makes you wonder what exactly made him go the route he went in when it came to Terminals and its Bloodlines series. Which was an interesting read as it nicely gave us a look at different characters from the past and even a look at the future where Collins and Clarence are concerned. Though I’m really hoping more is done with the first Bloodlines issue since its basically left on a cliffhanger! And after everything Collins ends up experiencing… Both in the main story and later in the Bloodlines issues… Its real easy to see how and why he’d end up becoming a bad guy if he really wanted too.

And I imagine it’d take a miracle to stop him too if that ever happened! Hats off to Ryan Ferrier for creating a wonderful if realistically sad tale of Government created Super Heroes and Villians and while its known of what happens to Collins in the future, I am curious about the future for Lycan and the White Ghost. If this is the kind of Super Hero tale you’re looking for, then you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Editor’s Note: Can head here for Terminals and here for Terminals: Bloodlines to grab your copies today!

Penny-Farthing Productions
Story and Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Pencils and Inks: Rove and Trevor Jameus
With Additional Art by: Michael Walsh
Colors: Ed Ryzowski and Mike Garcia
Reviewed by: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Since the tail-end of World War II, under orders and supervision of the American Defense Agency, a group of scientists have worked to create the world’s first superheroes. Over 50 years later, the program is successful. In an unexpected twist-of-fate, this inaugural team becomes the world’s first super-villains instead.

With the safety of countless people in the hands of the most dangerous people alive, one more team is created to stop them… but not without a contingency plan.

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