The Silence #1

So I was at the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention this past weekend and I was walking up and down the aisles getting myself situated and and seeing where people were when I saw Chad sitting at his booth working on a page. I was immediately curious and took a look and was impressed with the quality of his artwork so I stopped and I’m glad that I did. This is one of those instances where I stress once again stopping at an artists table at a con and discovering something new.

This is an outer space science fiction story that has a very unique point of view. I really like how Chad thought this out and came up with his idea for what this was going to be. He very smartly starts us off with that page with a kind of what’s come before or introduction to his series so you can start reading and know the basic background of his creation. The opening itself is a wonderful look at what people are like and go through in this reality. It very much sets the stage for what we are to experience.

I really like the originality in how we see human civilisation colonise the stars. The way that the Prolegomenon System was discovered and how it was decided who would be sent to seed the worlds is something we’ve never seen before. Also I like that we get that knowledge but we’re so far past that point when the story hits its stride. When it does we get more than I bargained for as there’s this whole self existential crisis going on with a character and we see just how far technologically the human race has come as well as at what price to balance out the progress.

Chad does his work in black and white so you really get to see his pencils and inks in all their glory. The linework is superb and the he’s so not afraid to use the entire page or panel which makes the page layouts, use of angles and perspective, not to mention the backgrounds here utterly dynamic. The attention to detail and the care he puts into the work is stunning to me and makes me want to read more.

I’m really impressed with the way this story is structured, how we meet the characters and get introduced to this reality. The balance of reading and seeing what he wants you to take in as well as the action and adventure that we get really take this debut to a place few ever reach. I’m a huge fan of those who can write and illustrate their own stories and that we get the dialogue, characterisation and story development alongside such powerful imagery reaffirms why I love comics.

If you’d like to see what has me instantly infatuated head over to and check out his site, his work and order a copy. This is original, dynamic, interesting and all around one helluva good read!

The Silence #1
Self-Published 2016
By Chad Nuss

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

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